14 Step

14 Step Installation Process

14 Reasons to Trust Henderson Glass
to Install Your New Windshield.

  1. Henderson Glass conducts all installations in accordance with ANSI recognized Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS)
  2. Henderson Glass uses adhesive systems by Dow Automotive the preferred choice by automobile manufacturers worldwide.
  3. Henderson Glass endorses the full-cut method that includes the removal of all exterior parts and trim prior to removal of the damaged windshield. The full-cut method reduces the likelihood of stress cracks that may damage the new windshield.
  4. Henderson Glass cleans all dirt and debris from the pinch weld.
  5. Henderson Glass incorporates great care to prevent scratching the painted exterior.
  6. Henderson Glass removes the existing urethane down the 1/16” providing the best possible surface for the application of new urethane.
  7. Henderson Glass notifies you if corrosion is present on the bonding surface and will inform you of safe, effective solutions.
  8. Henderson Glass utilizes a professional-grade glass cleaner for cleaning the bonding surface of the new windshield.
  9. Henderson Glass properly applies primers by Dow Automotive for bonding the urethane adhesive to the windshield and vehicle body.
  10. Henderson Glass reinstalls a foam dam tape if required by the vehicle manufacturer.
  11. Henderson Glass will match the urethane adhesive bead profile when applying Dow Automotive adhesive between the vehicle body and glass.
  12. Henderson Glass applies the windshield using gloves to prevent the transfer of contaminants that may harm the adhesion of urethane to the glass and/or body.
  13. Henderson Glass cleans the windshield and vacuums all loose debris.
  14. Henderson Glass processes all paperwork, including insurance claims and promptly, returns your keys.
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