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    Henderson Glass is committed to customer satisfaction and would like to know how well we are doing. Your answers will help us to identify areas of excellence as well as areas needing improvement.

    When you have completed this survey, please click the "submit" button. You will be given the opportunity to print out a coupon for a "free stone chip repair or free 8 oz Window-Glo" as a token of our appreciation. Thank you for your time and comments.

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    For each of the items below, please check off if you were aware that Henderson Glass offers this flat glass product or service. (Please check all that apply).

    Shower Doors
    Tub enclosuresFramed shower doorsSemi-frameless shower doorsFrameless Euro shower doorsShower door cleaning productsNone of the above

    Glass Products
    Cabinet Door GlassPatterned GlassGlass ShelvingPatio TabletopsCustom Tabletops & DesktopsNone of the above

    Beveling on MirrorsBevel Overlays for MirrorsCustom MirrorsCustom Wood Framed MirrorsMirrored closet doorsNone of the above

    Reception WindowsReplacement WindowsInsulated GlassStorm DoorsScreen Repair & ReplacementStorm Window RepairNone of the above

    Were you aware of the automotive products or services that Henderson Glass provides? (Please check all that apply).
    Windshield replacementStone chip repairPower window repairWindow motor replacementWiper bladesAquapel windshield treatmentNone of the above


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    We appreciate your feedback on how we can improve our stores, products and customer service. Please feel free to add additional comments.

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