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Henderson Glass has been the champion provider of windshield repair, windshield replacement, windshield crack repair, windshield chip repair and windshield scratch repair since 1915.  We are well-known for replacing more windshields than anyone else in Michigan!  Our customers realize that they can count on our expert technicians to handle all of their windshield repair needs.  With many different locations and our “Go Where You Are” mobile service, Henderson Glass will help you quickly get back on the road with your repaired or replaced windshield!  Also, we will help you with the paperwork, verify the deductibles and file an insurance claim in your behalf.  We are able to do that because we have direct lines into the insurance companies’ glass departments and are able to streamline the claims process for you.  As a result, whenever Eastpointe residents have a damaged windshield, the only name they need to know is – Henderson Glass. 

East Pointe Windshield Replacement

Eastpointe, Michigan has over 15,000 residents and is in Oakland County.  Eastpointe is also fortunate to have a Henderson Glass store located thereIf an Eastpointe resident has a cracked, chipped or scratched windshield, we will send one of our installers to their location.  We can even install successfully on site in a driveway or a parking lot whenever Eastpointe customers need windshield replacement or windshield repair.  Further, on the occasion Eastpointe customers need other glass repairs on their vehicles, Henderson Glass can do it, because we don’t just handle windshield repairs.  In addition to windshields, we are able to supply and replace any glass in our Eastpointe residents’ vehicles including power and manual windows, mirrors, sunroofs, vents and more.  Henderson Glass also provides “Aquapel Water Repellent Glass Treatment” that helps keep Eastpointe customers’ windshields free from debris, in addition to repelling rain, reducing glare, and we make it easier for Eastpointe residents to remove bugs, dirt, ice and snow from their windshields.

East Pointe Windshield Crack Repair

Henderson Glass is one of the best resources for individuals in the region for the finest windshield repair and windshield replacement.  We have an exemplary reputation for providing the most affordable, efficient and trustworthy windshield repair services to Michigan customers since 1915.   Henderson Glass offers a lifetime warranty on its windshield repairs and replacements, in addition to providing an option to purchase a “20/20 Windshield Warranty.” You can anticipate that we will not only meet your expectations, but when you bring your windshield repair needs to Henderson Glass, we will exceed them!  As always, customer satisfaction is our top priority.  To discover more about our unequalled windshield replacement services, call Henderson Glass, today, at: (800)694-0672.

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