Auto Glass Product Knowledge

Welcome to the Auto Glass Product Knowledge Training Exam
There are 56 questions in this exam. You have 30 minutes to complete this.

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1. Glass treatment that improves a driver's ability to see clearly and drive safer.
2. A chip repair is $39.95. How much is each added repair?
3. How many chip repairs will an insurance company allow on a single windshield?
4. Which of the following companies are part of Henderson Glass?
5. What is the extra mobile charge for a windshield replacement?
6. Blind Spot Monitor
7. The menu options to get access to the scheduler.
8. Ford American Road Requirements
9. Active safety feature that warns the driver of an imminent frontal collision.
10. What is this?
11. The safe drive away time after windshield installation.
12. Two layers of glass bonded together with resin called PVB (polyvinyl Butyral)
13. A calibration is not required if the forward facing camera is not disconnected during the windshield replacement.
14. What Does This Mean?
15. What is this?
16. Describe this:
17. A chip repair can be performed on a front door glass only if it's laminated.
18. The Henderson Glass call greeting
19. What is included in the Henderson Glass Clear View Package?
20. Self dimming rear view mirror.
21. Adaptive Cruise Control
22. Lane Keeping Assist
23. What is the extra mobile charge for a chip repair?
24. The menu options for quick quote.
25. What does this mean?
26. Pick Out the Vent Glass
27. Windshields can be heated.
28. You can use order entry to give a windshield quote.
29. Door glasses can be made of laminated glass.
30. The Henderson Glass lifetime workmanship warranty covers breakage.
31. Henderson Glass purchases glass from these vendors.
32. What does this mean?
33. Pick out the Quarter Glass:
34. How many chip repairs does the 20/20 warranty cover?
35. Henderson Glass can repair a back glass defroster.
36. Stone chip repairs are cosmetic.
37. A type of camera calibration.
38. When was Henderson Glass founded?
39. What are the time frames for a Saturday mobile windshield installation?
40. Automatic Emergency Braking
41. You can place an order for flat glass at any Henderson Glass location.
42. Select the maxium insurance deductible coupon

43. Henderson Glass replaces door regulators.
44. The menu options for order entry.
45. What is this?
46. Stone chips 6 inches long are repairable.
47. How long should a mobile windshield appointment be scheduled for?
48. What does this mean?
49. What is this?
50. The cut off times for walk-in chip repairs.
51. Glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength.

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