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Henderson Glass is recognized as the foremost provider of superior glass products and mirrors for customers throughout Michigan. No matter if customers are in the market for decorative mirrors, custom mirrors, door mirrors, or wall mirrors, Henderson Glass can handle it. We have been delivering mirrors to customers in the region for nearly a century, and we are considered the preferred choice when customers are considering looking to enhance their homes with our custom mirrors. It is no surprise why so many Southgate residents continue to bring their requests to Henderson Glass when they are planning on getting a custom mirror to make their room look more expansive, because we are celebrated for having the most appealing and elegant door mirrors and wall mirrors for the most competitive prices.

Southgate Custom Mirrors

Southgate, Michigan is located in Wayne County and it has close to 30,000 residents living there. Whenever Southgate residents are looking for the best-looking decorative mirror for their bath, dining room or living room, they ask the advice of the professionals at Henderson Glass. We have a vast array of choices to suit ever taste and every budget. In addition, to having the most attractive door mirrors, Southgate customers realize that they will also receive only the highest-quality products when they come to us, as well as the finest service that is second to none! Henderson Glass has been serving Southgate residents since 1915, and they are well-aware that we possess precisely the same principles and values that they do. Moreover, we also carry only top quality products in door mirrors, wall mirrors and decorative mirrors at the most affordable prices!

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Henderson Glass provides a variety of styles of frames for door mirrors and wall mirrors that vary between traditional to contemporary or no frames at all. Our customers understand that when they do business with Henderson Glass, they can expect that all of our mirrors will be of the unmatched quality and beauty they deserve. If you have been deliberating over whether or not you want to invest in custom mirrors for your home, give us a call. Henderson Glass has more than two dozen locations throughout Michigan, and we will be only too happy to give you directions to the store nearest you, when you call: (800)694-0672!

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