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Henderson Glass has been recognized as the foremost glass fabricator in Michigan for close to a century.  We handle more windshield replacements than anyone else in the state.  Customers understand that they can always rely upon our capable technicians, in our many locations, to handle all of their windshield repair needs.  Henderson Glass is well-known for its ability to quickly evaluate customers’ situations and suggest the best solutions to them regardless if they need windshield crack repair, windshield chip repair, windshield scratch repair or windshield replacement.  We use only the best and most sophisticated materials and technology so that our customers’ safety and the safety of their passengers is never compromised.  Not only can Henderson Glass deliver exceptional windshield repair or windshield replacement at an affordable price, but our customers like that we can do it at a price considerably lower than a dealership.  It should come as no surprise that Southgate residents consistently choose Henderson Glass over the competition.

Southgate Windshield Replacement

Southgate, Michigan is located in Wayne County and it has close to 30,000 residents living there.  Southgate residents are fortunate to have one of Henderson Glass’ outlets located in their community.  Considered to be Southgate’s best source for windshield repair and windshield replacement needs, Henderson Glass doesn’t just service windshields.  We also supply and replace any glass in our Southgate customers’ cars, regardless if it’s a mirror, a side window, a rear window or a sunroof.   These installations get the identical attention to quality as all of our Southgate customers’ windshield replacements do and they are also covered by the same lifetime guarantee.  Additionally, Henderson Glass’ professional technicians, who are on-call, will go where our Southgate clients are, if the event our customers cannot come to us.  That’s because nearly all Southgate windshield repairs and windshield replacements can be safety handled in customers’ driveways or their office parking lots.

Southgate Windshield Crack Repair

Henderson Glass is well-known for its affordable, efficient and trustworthy windshield products.  Our windshield repair and windshield replacement services are guaranteed to suit even the most particular customers with the tightest budgets.  Also, most insurance companies will reimburse you for the cost of windshield repair under the comprehensive portion of their coverage.  This also includes waiving any deductibles. Henderson Glass understands that is much easier for our company to file your claim for you because we have direct lines into insurance companies’ glass departments.  We are able to get the windshield replacement, windshield crack repair, windshield chip repair and windshield scratch repair authorized more quickly than you can.  In the event your policy doesn’t cover your windshield repair or windshield replacement work, or on the chance that you have a higher deductible, Henderson Glass’ low cash price alternative is the answer!  Because we replace more glass than anyone else in Michigan, we have greater buying power and can provide our customers the best prices on the best brands of windshield replacement glass.  To find out more about our outstanding windshield repairs, call us today at: (800)694-0672.

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