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Henderson Glass has been providing the most exceptional windshield repairs to customers throughout Michigan for nearly a century!  As the leading provider of all things GLASS, we are able to handle all of your windshield crack repairs, windshield replacements, windshield chip repairs and windshield scratch repairs, regardless of the damage to your windshield.  Henderson Glass has the background and experience to handle all of your windshield repair work promptly and efficiently.  Our certified technicians also make house calls and office calls to assess your problem and suggest the best solutions for your windshield repair.  We are recognized for our cutting-edge methods and sophisticated materials.  Our customers are well aware that they can depend upon us to ensure that their safety and the safety of their passengers is never compromised.  This is one of the contributing factors for Waterford customers persisting in choosing Henderson Glass for all of their windshield replacement needs. 

Waterford Windshield Replacement

Waterford, Michigan is located in Oakland County and it has over 72,000 residents.  When Waterford residents require windshield chip repair or windshield scratch repair, the only name they need to know is – Henderson GlassBesides already having many locations throughout the state, one of our stores is conveniently located in Waterford TownshipIn the event Waterford customers are cannot come to us for their windshield repair, we will go to them!  We now that most auto glass can safely be repaired or replaced in a driveway to your Waterford home or your Waterford office’s parking lot.  Moreover, our Waterford customers realize that our certified technicians are the finest in the industry, and they will accurately diagnose their windshield repair problems.  Waterford customers also understand that Henderson Glass will handle their windshield scratch repair, windshield replacement, windshield crack repair and windshield chip repair at a much lower price than any auto dealership can!

Waterford Windshield Crack Repair

Further, Henderson Glass doesn’t just do windshield repair!  We are able to supply and replace any piece of glass on your vehicle.  There are numerous good reasons to leave your windshield repair work up to us, such as:

  1. Our installations are done in accordance with the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and AGRESS (Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards);
  2. We use Dow Automotive adhesive systems that are preferred by manufacturers worldwide;
  3. We go to great lengths to avoid any damages;
  4. We will ensure you are informed about any other safety issues;
  5. We always clean-up all debris when we finish; and
  6. We manage all paperwork so you don’t have to, including insurance claims.

Henderson Glass offers its customers a limited lifetime warranty and makes a 20/20 Windshield Warranty available for them to buy.  We always endeavor to please our customers with our service and affordable prices, because customer satisfaction is our top priority! To discover more about our windshield repair services, call us at: (800) 694-0672.

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