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Michigan's Custom Glass Company

Henderson Glass is your ultimate source for:

  • Beveling and bevel overlays
  • Custom glass
  • Custom tabletops and desktops
  • Patterned glass
  • Glass Shelving
  • Reception Windows
  • Cabinet door glass
  • Patio Tabletops
  • Aluminum Glass Railing System

If you can think it up, we can work it out. Bring us measurements, a drawing, the broken pieces you need to replace – we’ll help figure out what you need, and custom fabricate the piece of glass that’s just right. We can also create a pattern to match an opening or piece of furniture and cut a curved or out of square shape. A variety of glass types, colors, and thicknesses are available with sanded to beveled to machine polished edges and most pieces can be tempered for safety sensitive applications.

Patterned Glass

We carry over 20 different styles of patterned glass and we can cut or special order you a specific piece. Furthermore, we have samples of most styles available on display in our showrooms.

Custom Glass Shelving

Replacing existing cabinet shelves with glass plate or use customizable wall brackets to create a shelf anywhere you like. The glass can be provided in a thickness suitable to your application and with a range of styles for the glass edge.

Custom Glass

Custom Etched Glass

Custom Painted Glass

Table Top and Desk Top Coverings

Glass is the perfect answer when you want to protect your table or desk without obscuring the surface. We can cut a plate glass covering to the exact size you need. We’ll even pattern cut to fit curved edges or out of square shapes. A variety of polishes are available to dress up the edges.